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Unlock game for 2-5 players

The Game

Have you heard of the Tolmin legend? When night falls on Tolmin’s streets, you can see the sad appearance of the girl in the shadows here and there. Do you dare embark on the path to discover the tragic story in order to help her? Unlock the enchanted book and visit with it the places where her story unfolded and solve the riddles that will unlock the path to the past and help rescue the girl. Hurry now, the clock is ticking …


There is a standard price of 60 EUR for a game session. That is the price for the entire team, regardless of the number of players (minimum 2 and maximum 5).
1. First, please reserve your session using our booking system above.
2. In the event that you are a team of 6 players, there will be an extra cost of 15 € for the additional player.
3. You can also pay for your session when you arrive with cash (only) or via bank transfer. For the latter, please send us an e-mail to arrange an invoice.

Unlock Tolmin

Use the reservation form below to book your session. Then be sure to arrive at the Hotel Dvorec in the city centre of Tolmin exactly 5 minutes before your session is scheduled to begin. We will meet you there and give you the details of your mission and a locked book. Your happiness will then be in your own hands – on a fun journey through the city’s history you’ll have 60 minutes to save the girl. Different challenges and amusing surprises await you. If you get stuck, our gamemasters can help you with hints via walkie talkie.

If your desired time is not available and you can't book another time slot, please call +386 5 382 11 00. Sometimes we can make magic 🙂